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Platform Specs
Responses/ month 25 750 1,500 5,000
Number of Devices 1 5 10 20
Number of Locations Up to 2 Locations Up to 5 Locations Up to 2 Locations Up to 10 Locations
Number of Languages 2 3 4 More than 5
iOS Platform Tick Tick Tick Tick
Website Platform Tick Tick Tick Tick
RepAlerts Dashboard and e-mail Dashboard, e-mail and SMS text Dashboard, e-mail and SMS text Dashboard, e-mail and SMS text
Branding & Customization
Raw data export Tick Tick Tick Tick
QR Code Enablement Cut Tick Tick Tick
White Labeling Cut Cut Tick Tick
Reporting & Analytics
RepCharts Analytics Only view (not for download) Tick Tick Tick
Standard RepReport export Cut Tick Tick Tick
RepReport Update Email Digest Cut Tick Tick Tick
Custom RepReport Cut Tick Tick Tick
Support From RepUp team
Phone Support Tick Tick Tick
Orientation Consulting (first 3 days) Tick Tick Tick
Launch Guidance Program (first 60 days)     Tick Tick
Priority Support       Tick

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How does the free version work?

    When you sign up for the free version, you will have access to all the core features that RepUp provide. By the end of one week, we would contact you to provide guidance and consultancy for free as well.

  • Can I get a trial of the premium versions?

    Definitely. Drop us an email that you want to be enabled and we will provide you with a free 14-day trial. At any point during the trial, you can choose a plan and pay with your credit card information in the account

  • What happens at the end of my trial?

    At the end of a RepUp trial, your setup and data remains intact. The next step would be to simply login and select a plan to purchase. Otherwise, your trial version will be downgraded to the basic version. If you choose to upgrade to a paid plan, the disabled features will be activated again.


  • How to buy RepUp platform?

    You can register for a login and subscribe to a paid plan. Alternatively, please sign up for a trial and within the trial account, you can make a purchase with your credit card details in the account.

  • How long are your plans? Can I change them?

    RepUp plans are either month-to-month or annual. You can make changes to your plans at any time (please note that refunds are not given for cancellation or downgrades)

  • Can I buy features a la carte?

    RepUp plans to allow you to customize your platform to operate at the most optimal setting. For the additional fees, please check out the pricing list

  • Are there any discounts?

    We offer a discounted price for annual subscriptions.


  • Does RepUp platforms work well with other systems and applications?

    We have enabled users to connect with their customers via mobile, iOS, tablets, and websites. If there is any specific platform that you want to enquire, feel free to reach us via our contact us page

  • Will my data be private and safe?

    Yes, we ensure that your data are secured with industry-leading security features with multiple levels of audits and comprehensive checks from our engineers.

  • More Questions?

    Please visit us at our contact us page where you can find our email. We will respond to you as soon as possible.