How does it work?

It is as simple as ABC.

  • setup


    Build survey questions and establish the platforms.

  • Collect


    Real time feedback responses from both customers and frontline employees.

  • Analyze


    Managers gets notified with trigger alert features and receive automated reports with analytics.


RepUp provides Multiple Touch points
with your Customers

A universe of platforms enabled for you to collect feedback. RepUp is compatible with iPad, iPhone, tablet, and website.

  • iPhone & iPad


    RepUp has designed iOS apps for feedback collection. Each device can be managed with a unique device code that provides monitoring, security and user access.

    Watch how device codes are being used
  • Tablets


    Feedback kiosks can be set up in less than 10 minutes. Not using an iOS friendly platform? We have powered internet browser functionality to collect feedback for tablets of all brands and sizes.

    How Feedback Kiosk can be implemented
  • Websites


    Using scanning through QR barcode or type in a shortened http link, we have allowed your clients to give their feedback with ease.

    QR barcode enables easy access for feedback

Create surveys in a breeze

RepBuilder guides you in a three step process to create beautiful surveys in an intuitive yet simple manner through sample templates, effective layouts and more than 10 question types. Fully customizable from multi languages to white-labeling.

Rep Builder
Rep Analysis

Understand your customers with hard

RepAnalysis equips you and your managers with real time reporting to analyse feedback results, respondent data, and even your employee morale. Our proprietary analysis include historical trends, segmentation, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES).